Making of “Save Our World” – Thoughts & Quotes

One evening as I sat at the piano to write a song for my upcoming album, I started pondering about the impact of the global pandemic and understandably the effect it’s having on people of every status and background. Thoughts also about racial issues that are as prominent as ever. I became very emotional as I began to put my thoughts together and felt that maybe it will be a fitting moment to contribute a message of hope and prayer to song and bring comfort to all of us affected. I think connecting spiritually is first and foremost the answer to getting through this time in our lives. It is the foundation of working together along with worldwide cooperative measures to overcome this unprecedented challenge. As said in the song ‘the life we all knew will be forever changed, but with faith and new heroes hope is unchanged. Introducing the song to my longtime producer / friend Eddie Bullen he immediately thought that it’s an amazing song. Together with his guidance, back up vocalists Renee Rowe and Michelle White and guitarist Quincy Bullen, the track evolved and met the vision I had when I composed ‘Save Our World’.

Eddie Bullen producer, gives‘ Save Our World’ five stars and believes that it is a true game changer!

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