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New video and new version of Michael Vincent Quattro's 'Save Our World' now available on YouTube
The song reaches ONE MILLION THREE HUNDRED THOUSANDS views so far including previous video release on YouTube


Michael Vincent Quattro is a piano playing, singer/songwriter based in Toronto. He is an Award-Winning Canadian recording artist.

In the process of recording a new album, Quattro sat down one evening at the piano to reflect on the state of the world today and composed ‘’Save Our World’’ . He pondered about the global pandemic and the effect it was having on people of every status, and ethnic background.

The message in the song is clear and as he says, “We all can make a difference ‘’… ‘’the life we all knew is forever changed but with faith and new heroes hope is unchanged ‘’.

Michael Vincent Quattro is contributing this offering of hope, prayer, unity, and love for today and our future.

‘’Save Our World’’ is a song of inspiration that is truly for the times. A track that will also continue to live on and have a long lasting effect. It has already made an impact with over ONE MILLION Views on YouTube.

Please listen and be inspired with ‘’Save Our World’’ by Michael Vincent Quattro.

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Michael Vincent Quattro


https://youtu.be/Ky6QUzLK968 See also MICHAEL VINCENT QUATTRO Check out the link to the Lyric Video and hear my song...

Posted by Michael Vincent Music on Sunday, August 2, 2020

Michael Vincent Quattro

A pianist, singer and songwriter


Eddie Bullen – Producer

I give ‘Save Our World’ FIVE STARS and I believe it is a true game changer

Michelle White – Musician/Vocalist

‘’Save Our World is a KILLER SONG! Such a blessing. I really hope it can reach everyone in these times and encourage … the world! His heart, passion and musical journey are inspiring! Some great stuff coming your way. An absolute honour to be part of his new project. It’s been a long time coming but we’re all just enjoying the ride. Like I’ve said, a stellar songwriter.

Marlon Paul – Video director

Save Our World is simply a great song

Rene Rowe – Vocalist

I don’t really comment much about tracks I work on by any artist but ‘Save Our World’ is such a beautiful song

Save Our World

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